Hi there, and thanks for checking out my little space on the web. I studied Media Informatics M.Sc. at RWTH Aachen University and I am currently working at TomTom on improving the road traffic info quality with data.

Open-source Projects

  • openlr-python - Implementation of OpenLR™ dynamic location referencing standard in Python
  • gtop - System monitoring dashboard for terminal
  • EsperIoT - Small and simple stream based CEP tool for IoT devices connected to a MQTT broker
  • Jekyll Doc Theme - Jekyll theme for creating project documentation websites
  • Angular2 Github UI - GitHub UI using api.github.com in Angular2 TypeScript
  • TODO Spring Angular - Todo demo with Spring Boot + AngularJS + Flyway + PostgreSQL + Docker …
  • sandraREST - Cassandra Manager REST API & Web UI
  • Uduvudu Demo - Rendering RDF data with Uduvudu
  • Restacey - Responsive template for Stacey CMS
  • Bug Algorithms - bug0, bug1 and bug2 motion planning algorithms implementation in Webots simulation environment


  • Predicting Emerging Trends in Citation Networks Aksakalli, Can Güney, Master Thesis. [pdf]
  • Minhashing for Graph Similarity Computation. Aksakalli, Can Güney and Pascal Welke, CSCUBS 2016. [pdf] [slides] [code]
  • A mobile plant identification application for environmental monitoring. Turkay, C., C.G. Aksakalli, K. Ozmal, and H.K. Ekenel, SIU 2013. [paper]


  • Introduction to Docker 2016. [slides]


I am part of the Organisation group of a multi-cultural world music orchestra called FolkBerlin (a.k.a. FolkBär).

I like playing guitar, also I recorded some songs with my band. [audio] [video]

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